Astaunga Yoga

Astaunga Yoga

The  method of Ananda Marga is based on Astaunga Yoga or the eight limbed Yoga. It is a complete system to develop a human being in all the aspects. The classes will introduce this method gradually, starting with Asanas (yogic exercises) and Introductory Meditation techniques.

   Pictures for wordpress   There are eight parts to this method.

Part 1 and 2 are principles on which one can base one’s relationship with oneself – “Niyama”; and one’s relationship with others – “Yama”. These principles help to attain balance in the first layer of mind, the conscious mind.

The third part is the “Asanas”. Commonly known as Hatha Yoga. These are the psycho-physical exercises of  Yoga. It is themost common aspect of Yoga and it helps to keep a healthy and balanced body and mind.

The fourth part is ” Pranayama” or the control of the vital energy through breathing techniques. This is an advanced practice and in our system is taught personally by an Acarya (monk or nun) to the individual.

The fifth part is “Pratyahara” –introspection or withdrawal of the mind from external objects. Happiness lies within one’s mind.

The sixth part is “Dharana” –concentration–only a concentrated mind can have the power to go deep within and perceive the flow of consciousness. There are special techniques to concentrate the mind on the different cackras (psychic energy centers) situated along the spinal cord.

The seventh part is “Dhyana” –meditation–special technique of meditation which makes the mind flow towards the Goal.

The eight part is “Samadhi”–the attainment of the Goal of Yoga–the union between the Microcosm (Individual consciousness) and the Macrosom (Cosmic Consciousness). A state of perfect happiness and absolute peace.

Special techniques of meditation are taught to the individuals by Ananda Marga yogic monks and nuns (Acaryas).

The founder and Guru of Ananda Marga is Shrii Shrii Anandamurti (1921-1990).